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Heather had described these men with significant others, calling on the sly at lunchtime or between the close of business and the commute home.I found conversation with sneakies to be effortless, verbal vanilla-porn that I could deliver without taking my focus from my schoolwork.

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There were the kinkies, the sneakies, the boyfriends and the regulars. The job seemed interesting and at times amusing when I had Heather leading the way, but when my brief apprenticeship ended and my roommates left the apartment for their regular day jobs I was alone at a crossroads.

It was just my luck that my first solo call was a kinky. Was I the kind of girl who could do this job or not? Maybe vacuum the rug in the living room and go to the library for a few hours. to go back to Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia, when I was an unusually vocal toddler.

Then, later, I could relieve my roommates’ anxieties over our nightly game of Scrabble by informing them that I had chickened out. The one thing my mother hated more than my drawling American accent was the clipped white Rhodesian twang my siblings were acquiring from their classmates at their recently integrated schools.

Before I thought about it too deeply I employed a mantra given to me by a well-loved and badly behaved cousin: ‘When in doubt, do it.’ I answered the phone. When he made his request I almost hung up realizing how much I didn’t know. I was stymied, but Madame Katherine’s debut performance surprised me. I later surmised that there was no need to worry about the correct order of rubber and ice, the thrill for him lay in the pronunciation of his humiliation. Her solution was to send us all to speech and drama lessons where, while making us recite poetry and deliver lengthy monologues, our teacher modified our speech to echo that of our original oppressors.

A woman from the call center gave me a number and informed me flatly that a customer was looking for a dominatrix – could I accept the call? I regretted not going to an adult bookstore to research domination as Heather had advised. She unleashed her full fury on him, emphasizing each pronoun and pausing dramatically between sentences while I prayed silently that the gods of all things sexy would help me get this guy’s rocks off. He was done after I had him painfully tangled in the rubber bands but before I could even get to the ice cubes. So we traded in the cacophony of Shona speakers taught English in America with Rhodie overtones for the soothing, internationally-valued English-flavoured notes of privileged children from a former colony.

Heather, my mentor, was a pleasantly deep-voiced, happily married stay-at-home mom.

I listened in on her calls for two days with growing interest, then open-mouthed shock, and at times, I admit, arousal. She got straight down and dirty, and unlike our private instructional conversations, there was no giggling when she was with her clients.

An expert at verbal foreplay, she placed forbidden words with hard endings strategically in her sentences. She was easy with sex, there was no guilt surrounding it so she talked it effortlessly. Finally, with perfect timing, she would say exactly what they wanted to hear and would invariably be rewarded with the sounds of climaxes so intense that had I managed to close my mouth at all during the call it would at that point be dropping open again.

Simple repetition worked well for the sneakies because all thought processes were being conducted below the waist.

Riding on the benefits afforded me by the accent, I could often get away with picking a nasty phrase and saying it over and over again with increasing intensity.

He breathed heavily into the phone: ‘Tell me, tell me,’ – he was almost wheezing with excitement and I could hear a suspicious slurping sound getting louder in the background – ‘what colour are your panties?

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