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He has begun to taper down on his methadone dosage with a goal of becoming medication free within 12 to 18 months. He spent all of his twenties physically dependent on opiates.

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He became unproductive except to fight off being "sick" (opioid withdrawal) on a daily basis When Franklin began methadone maintenance, he experienced the kind of relief he had been hoping for. Franklin applied to a major university, and was accepted. Franklin graduated from college in 4 years with a degree.

He was then hired by a Fortune 500 corporation, and has presently been there for 4 years.

After fathering a daughter with special needs, Steven faced the music … He had heard about methadone and decided he should give it a chance since everything else he had tried did not work. Methadone provided excellent relief, and enabled Steven to disconnect from the drugs that had been a part of his life for over a decade.

Today, he is full time employed and primary caregiver for a child that enjoys a dedicated, loving, and stable father.

Following a return to life outside of prison and then sadly back on heroin, Barry contacted the local methadone clinic.

Very importantly, he had become ready for real change.And the role of mother was something Sharon embraced with all her heart. She now comes to the clinic only once every few weeks to receive her medication. Sharon now has her own family as well as the support of her family of origin.She's been drug free for 5 years and has achieved a quality of life she never dreamed was possible.Their apprehensions were erased when they got their daughter back, and that was priceless.Real Life 3: Franklin became addicted to opiates as a high school student.The norm might surprise you …Some people will come through it ok using just a few resources.

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