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Following several years of a growing dependency, he found that he was unable to accomplish anything.

His anxiety was constant, and he had been diagnosed with clinical depression. He began to get a grip on his life, and a new focus.

She has confidence, is self-sufficient, employed, and building a new future for herself.

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The norm might surprise you …Some people will come through it ok using just a few resources.

And still some will need both treatment & medication support.

He became unproductive except to fight off being "sick" (opioid withdrawal) on a daily basis When Franklin began methadone maintenance, he experienced the kind of relief he had been hoping for. Franklin applied to a major university, and was accepted. Franklin graduated from college in 4 years with a degree.

He was then hired by a Fortune 500 corporation, and has presently been there for 4 years.

After fathering a daughter with special needs, Steven faced the music … He had heard about methadone and decided he should give it a chance since everything else he had tried did not work. Methadone provided excellent relief, and enabled Steven to disconnect from the drugs that had been a part of his life for over a decade.

Today, he is full time employed and primary caregiver for a child that enjoys a dedicated, loving, and stable father.So he learned to rely on himself, developed a great work ethic and an impressive sense of self-discipline.His one achilles heel was his long term opiate addiction.A fair number of people find that opioid replacement therapy is the answer they needed, due to dramatic brain chemistry changes which have occurred. Real Life 1: Sharon is a woman with a heroin addiction (dating back to her teen years) who became pregnant in her twenties.Without the proper help & support, many intelligent & capable people will remain lost in their addiction … As they struggle with physical sickness, emotional exhaustion, and mounting stress, their lives can literally fall apart. Realizing that she needed to get herself together, at least for the welfare of her unborn child, she entered a methadone treatment program.She credits methadone treatment as the foundation for a brand new life Real Life 2: When Kiley first presented to a clinic requesting to be placed in the methadone program, she was visibly depressed and physically emaciated from years of opiate abuse.

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