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The XS4 electronic lock with keypad increases security and control as it offers the choice of two forms of authentication to grant access.

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A station won't pass QC if there is any missing data, so check again that your station has a steady flow of power and internet connectivity to prevent intermittent data.

To learn more about our QC process and why it is necessary, click here.

Watch model is SM-R760 running Tizen, phone model is Motorola E4 running Android 7.1.1 I have several times gone into the Samsung App store from my phone and on the page for the Weather app it says "installed" in a big black bar and if I tap on that bar it appears to reinstall the weather app (version 3.2.5) on the watch.

Looking at the Gear S3 app on my phone, I can go into the Apps page listing all the apps on the watch and I try forcing a stop but that doesn't help.

Accu Weather's responsive design widgets provide an optimal viewing experience for your visitors on virtually any device — from desktop monitors to mobile phones – our widgets automatically resize to match the user's browsing environment.

If your station does not appear on the forecast page, map, nearby station list or in the app, then your station is either not reporting or it is not passing our quality control (QC) process.Plus, thanks to its ground-breaking design, the XS4 2.0 Mini’s no-drill install is fast and easy on labour, while also maintaining doors’ fire certifications.It’s also great for retrofits across a wide range of markets and conditions, and is available in black or white covers, plus with a variety of handle shapes and finishes.As well, in the Gear S3 app on the phone, in the Apps list, I can access the settings for the weather app and when I tap on my city it took me to the weather channel so I tried installing the weather channel app on my phone with the hope that might facilitate data transfer to the watch. And just to mention - using the Weather widget is when I get the message about being unable to load data.If I tap on the weather app from the app list on the watch, nothing happens - no message or change in display or anything.The Ælement EURO version is specially designed to fit on most Euro DIN 18250 profile doors.

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