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There are multiple system software files on Sony's system software page -- update versions and full installs.Make sure you find the latest version (the page will display the latest version number up top -- but the file download listed at the top is usually the update, not the full install you'll need for a hard drive replacement).

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The update process only works on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, & 10).

The manufacturers of the chipsets used in our docks (ASMedia, JMicron, Lucid Port) do not make update programs for Apple Mac OS X or Linux/Unix. If you are a Mac OS X or Linux/Unix user please contact our support for additional assistance, we’re more than happy to help!

These versions have a special feature called sector emulation enabling use of more than 2.19TB of space on “Advanced Format” or 512e drives under 32bit Windows operating systems.

Updating from versions 12092681f600 & 12092681f601 to 13022081f602 will cause the unit to not be able to read data from any hard drive over 2TB written to by the old version without reformatting it first!

The Data Bank enables the use of physically larger drives that wouldn't otherwise fit into the PS4 drive bay.

No matter what solution you choose, since you're replacing your drive outright, you will lose any of the data stored on the (old) hard drive itself.

Note that SATA II is sometimes called SATA/300 or SATA 3.0 GBps.

A newer SATA III (SATA/600 or faster) drive will work fine in the PS4, but you won't get the speed benefit as it'll operate at SATA II speeds.

To update your dock you need a Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, or 10 based computer and we recommend to remove any other USB storage devices (external hard drives, flash drives, etc) from your computer during this process.

It is also recommended to remove your hard drive from the dock as well.

For more details on compatible hard drives, see: PS4 Third-Party Hard Drive Solutions.

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