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At first I thought everything was going fine when my columns all appeared just as they were on my old computer.

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Twitter announced today that it's ending support for its Tweet Deck Windows app starting April 15th, forcing PC users to rely on the web version instead.

The company, which purchased Tweet Deck back in 2011, didn't give a strong reason for the move, with project manager Amy Zima saying in a blog post that Twitter wants "to better focus on enhancing your Tweet Deck experience." A download option for the app no longer appears on Twitter's website, and starting April 15th you will no longer be able to login, the company confirmed to The Verge.

So I uninstalled Tweet Deck, deleted the install file, and started over.

After downloading and re-installing, I received the exact same errors.

I use lots of tools such as Tweet Deck and Hootsuite.

With my old HP laptop, the desktop application version of Tweet Deck always worked exactly as I hoped, but with new laptop, I’m not so lucky.

I never enabled it, so that isn’t the problem here.

Windows Update Because my laptop is new, I thought I might need to update some crucial files that the Tweet Deck application needed.

None of my Twitter columns ever populated with data.

I tried sending a tweet from one of my accounts, but I was greeted with the no-so-helpful message: “Failed: Sending update to Twitter.” I thought that maybe I just needed to delete and re-add my columns. Doing so, I noticed that all of my Twitter accounts names were labeled “Unknown.” Further, when I went to add a new account, all I saw was a blank screen where I should have seen the screen to input my account’s login info. In the end, I’m moderately satisfied with the results, but here are the things I tried, based on scouring forums for solutions…

Here’s what I experienced, what I tried, and what I eventually did as a reluctant solution.

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