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i have installed a 30mb update to 2.3 sonicstage and some other random and probably useless software. Has anyone with a pocket vaio had this problem, does anyone know how to solve it or have any links to a page where i can get it to run?When i click on another piece of software i got with the player, called "Vaio Music Transfer" it says that my device is not connected even though is it.PC—MD status is constant as long as the unit is connected via USB cable (regardless of whether Sonic Stage is running or not).

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All Hi-MD units have the ability to play back regular Mini Discs.

Most Hi-MD Walkmans also have the capability to record standard Mini Discs in standard SP, LP2 and LP4 codecs in MD mode (as opposed to Hi-MD mode), ideal for creating discs intended to be played back in older (pre-Hi-MD) Mini Disc units.

Hi-MD discs offer the ability to store computer files in addition to audio data.

For example, a Hi-MD disc could have both school or work documents, pictures, videos, etc.

On a Windows computer, a Hi-MD device is listed as "Removable Disk" in "My Computer". Hi-MD units are powered by the USB bus when connected—just like USB flash drives, they do not require additional power (and do not use their own battery power) when plugged into a computer.

Sony's Sonic Stage music management software is not needed to save and manipulate files on the discs; it is only required to get playable audio on and off the device; all files are manipulated using standard operating-system functions.

Additional bitrates are available with Sonic Stage software on the computer.

Up to 45 hours of audio can be recorded per disc at the lowest-quality setting via Sonic Stage PC transfer.

The user can then proceed to record CDs, edit the audio, archive to format of choice, etc.

Hi-MD units can play back standard Mini Discs recorded in non-Hi-MD units, in addition to record on standard Mini Discs and higher-capacity 1 GB Hi-MD discs.

PCM is the highest quality mode, followed by Hi-SP (the default mode), then Hi-LP.

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