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To retrieve your request data from Bomgar, take these steps: Certificates" Once the certificate authority has the request data, they will review it and sign it.

After the certificate authority has signed the certificate, they will send it back to you, often with the root and/or intermediate certificate files.

Sometimes the CA's certificate download interface prompts for a server type.

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This proof is validated using a public and private key pair.

The public key, available to all of your site visitors, must validate the private key in order to verify the authenticity of the certificate chain.

Opening the root certificate here normally allows you to identify the approprate root on the CA's online repository.

Once you have downloaded all the certificate files for your certificate chain, you must import these files to your Bomgar Appliance.

Bomgar does not require any special type of certificate.

Bomgar accepts wildcard certificates, subject alternative name (SAN) certificates, unified communications (UC) certificates, extended validation (EV) certificates, and so forth, as well as standard certificates.

To avoid this, the Bomgar Appliance must be properly updated with product builds from and provisioned with the new CA-signed certificate. The request data associated with the CSR contains the details about your organization and Bomgar site.

This request data is submitted to your certificate authority for them to publicly certify your organization and Bomgar Appliance.

To do this, they must trust the certificate authority of the appliance's server certificate.

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