Updating roaming on verizon

Press the "2" key on your phone to update the roaming capability of your phone.

If you wish to program or activate your phone, skip this step.

The phone may change towers that the signal is drawn from, and the phone may begin to go into a roaming mode when it is too far from the home tower.

Roaming can cost the user more money, but a phone that has not switched to a roaming mode may not be functioning properly.

Carrier settings updates are small files that are installed on i OS devices.

The Carrier settings include updates to Access Point Names (APNs), MMS Settings, features such as tethering and default apps such as Stocks, Maps, and Weather.

Your phone's roaming capability is the "hand off" process between different wireless service areas.

Roaming extends your phone's connectivity even if you leave the geographical coverage of your home service area.

The actual update can take up to two minutes, but will not cost the caller any airtime minutes.

Continue Reading Verizon phones are equipped to update when the person who is using the phone changes location.

You will hear a confirmation message and see a confirmation on your phone's screen when the 228 update is completed.

The *228 procedure updates Verizon's "Preferred Roaming List," a set of instructions regarding your service's roaming capabilities.

If you've recently purchased a new Verizon cell phone, you must activate or program the phone before it will work.

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