discovery of carbon dating - Updating psp slim firmware

Open 661 PRO-C Fast Recovery (PRO), and wait for your PSP to reboot. When you turn off or reboot your PSP it will go back to original firmware until you click fast recovery again.If you’re happy doing this (especially if you just keep your PSP in stand by), then you can stop here (PRO can delete all CFW files but Fast Recovery).You can also now import photo and video playlists that you created on your PS3 to your PSP. We are planning to unleash it in other countries during 2010, and will update you as soon as we have more details.

Custom firmware for PSP is really easy to do, however the setup process is forked by what version of PSP you have. E100X – Economy ‘Street’ PSP model, with a mono speaker and matte case design. The setup process is mostly the same, but custom firmware releases are model specific when it comes to download, and some of the newer models do not support permanent CFW, which can help to avoid bricking your PSP.

Before following the guide, ensure you know which model you have. For more in depth step-by-step processes, we are writing up guides for each firmware with their pros and cons.

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The common feature of all custom firmware available for the PSP is to relax the signing process for PSP applications, so that applications that developers that aren’t Sony approved can be installed.

All forms of CFW will mention whether or not they are permanent.This means when your PSP boots up, it will run the cfw instantly instead of needing manual activation. If you use a large memory card that official firmware cannot detect, it will more likely be detected on boot by the custom firmware.You no longer need to open up fast recovery, or even keep any of the custom firmware utilities on your PSP.A permanent CFW is when you turn off your PSP by holding the power switch or running out of battery, and you see the ‘Sony Computer Entertainment’ boot logo, the CFW remains installed.If the CFW is not permanent, when you restart it returns back to the original state.You can play games in the UMD drive, you can play games you bought from the store, but when it comes to trying to play games in an unconventional manner, you will hit a road block.

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