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To update the embedded object and return to the Vis Sim environment, simply click outside the OLEobject block.

When you scale an OLEobject block, the text within the block is also scaled.

When the dimensions of the OLEobject block are much larger than the text, you can adjust the size of the block by cropping its sides.

update_mode is nvarchar(30), and can be one of these values.

Enables the subscription for immediate updating with queued updating as a failover.

By embedding information in a Vis Sim diagram, you gain fast access to the functionality of another application without having to return to that application each time you want to make a change.

The technique of embedding is simple: just insert a file into your diagram.

If all or not supplied, a subscription is added to all articles in that publication.

[@subscriber = ] 'subscriber' Is the name of the Subscriber. [@destination_db = ] 'destination_db' Is the name of the destination database in which to place replicated data.

The inserted file is called an object, and appears as an OLEobject block in your diagram.

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