bleach dating simulation - Updating old reader boards

Once serviced to try it again & it's far more fresh sounding totally transforming the sound, if it did reveal some weaknesses in the design.

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We will consider any Valve or Transistor Amp 1950s to Modern current stock ones, but as with anything, read on to see if it's worth you spending your money on.

After you've read this page more, ask us, we'll not just take on an upgrade job if we don't think it's worthwhile or a repair-service that could leave problems to arise & will suggest on some amps it's your choice.

We use design ideas based on high spec to do far more than just idly recap an amplifier with the same like-for-like spec, which just leaves the amp often no better than it was before if it was in working order.

We know Hifi design & can improve just about any worthwhile amp into a fresh sounding delight that will be true to the original design but upgraded to bring the best out of the design.

A service may sort the problem out, but if the amp is pre 1990, be sure if it has problems now it will likely develop ones later on.

We hear of those forever taking amps in for repair, when what they need is the amp restored.Because we know how much better they sound even after a Service.A 20 year old amp we had recently we tried as it arrived as the owner said it made odd noises, we played it until we heard the noises & then turned it off. As arrived we thought it sounded a bit boring & lifeless.But if your amp sounds tired, we can update it subtly to make a better amp than it was new even, though as with anything, we can give an idea of how good it will be if we can see the circuit diagrams, inside photos & photos of any old repairs.Some amps with problems only by us seeing in front of us can we tell what is wrong.Pre Digital Era Amplifiers & Receivers are Our Specialty.

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