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Pre Digital Era Amplifiers & Receivers are Our Specialty.

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Original research, photos of our hifi & all unquoted text is ©2011-2018 by select45rpm.

This is all published freely on the internet by us to further the scene, not to give any seller or forum 'expert' undeserved credibility.

A service may sort the problem out, but if the amp is pre 1990, be sure if it has problems now it will likely develop ones later on.

We hear of those forever taking amps in for repair, when what they need is the amp restored.

Customers who send us their amp from pre-1990 usually want it repaired, serviced & recap-upgraded.

They get a great restored amp & we hear back saying how pleased they are.

We will consider any Valve or Transistor Amp 1950s to Modern current stock ones, but as with anything, read on to see if it's worth you spending your money on.

After you've read this page more, ask us, we'll not just take on an upgrade job if we don't think it's worthwhile or a repair-service that could leave problems to arise & will suggest on some amps it's your choice.

To read the Intro first therefore then to make sense of the huge amount of sections covering all aspects of How We Upgrade. We have the skill to Upgrade amps with Design Knowledge to get the best out of them.

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