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There may be times when booting into Windows via Boot Camp may not display the desired screen resolution.In some instances this might happen after attempting to customize the hardware or driver setups in windows, but in other instances may happen from the first time that Boot Camp is used.This is not to say that upgrading your GPU on other Mac hardware is a lost cause.

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If you need to update your Windows graphics drivers, use Apple's software update to ensure you have drivers that are most compatible with Boot Camp.

There are, however, times where you may wish to have the latest drivers for your graphics hardware and the ones that come with Boot Camp are missing required features or otherwise will not work.

Apple discussion poster "Wiktor Kidziak1" writes: "I have installed Vista Home Premium under boot camp (OS X 10.5.7) but in preferences I can only get the maximum of 1280x960 while my screen resolution on Sync Master P2250 in OS X is 1920x1080.

(I am using new Mac mini with NVIDIA Ge Force 9400).

I, however, decided to press on and after some time… Except the 2009 Mac Pro doesn't have an 8-pin power cable. Each 6-pin power cable provides 75W plus the PCI connector bus provides another 75W for a total of 225W. After a bit more googling, I came across an excellent tutorial on installing an AMD RX 480.

The AMD RX 480 is a recent generation mid-range GPU that is good for 1080p gaming and entry-level VR.

I have a second gaming PC on which I run an Oculus Rift running two MSI Rumor RX 480 4GB.

I took one of the RX 480's and placed it into the Mac Pro as per a tutorial.

My inspiration came from NVIDIA's announcement for Mac support for their latest and greatest GPU lineup.

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