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If you need to update your Windows graphics drivers, use Apple's software update to ensure you have drivers that are most compatible with Boot Camp.

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All benchmarks were run at the most complex graphical settings.

As you can see, there are some very strange results here.

Apple discussion poster "Wiktor Kidziak1" writes: "I have installed Vista Home Premium under boot camp (OS X 10.5.7) but in preferences I can only get the maximum of 1280x960 while my screen resolution on Sync Master P2250 in OS X is 1920x1080.

(I am using new Mac mini with NVIDIA Ge Force 9400).

Even though the 2009 Mac Pro is capable of running mac OS Sierra (as proven by me hacking it onto the system), there are myriad other aspects that also have to be up to spec for full functionality.

The lack of proper power cables and the weak Xeon CPUs on this Mac Pro make upgrading the GPU nearly pointless, since gaming with such a highly variable frame rate would prove maddening.I could have just done a search on i More to discover that the cut off date for Sierra on Mac Pros was 2010.Not to be deterred, I found a number of tutorials on how to install Sierra on an unsupported Mac! The Mac Pro powered on, but it didn't make the familiar Mac "bing" on start up.In some instances this might be the grey CD that came with your computer, but could also be a Leopard installation DVD so be sure to check the version on the disk.To ensure compatibility, however, the grey disks that came with your computer will work best.Although the RX 480 has some much better frame rates, the variation of FPS was very high. Even though I got a new GPU to work in the Mac Pro, the other components being so weak make this a moot point.

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