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Follow this guide to manually download and install driver updates for your network adapter.Drivers are updated as soon as new improvements to performance, response time and interoperability are discovered by the hardware device developer.Driver Update™'s purpose is to provide easy, one-click access to all of the latest drivers for your computer.

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For example, you might need to install drivers in Windows 7 for a piece of hardware if you're troubleshooting a problem with the device, if a driver isn't automatically installed during a Windows 7 installation, or if a driver update enables new features you'd like to utilize.

Note: We created this step by step guide to to accompany our original How to Update Drivers in Windows how-to guide.

Driver Update™'s award-winning cloud technology easily updates multiple PC drivers simultaneously & in proper order.

Drivers may also be available for free from manufacturer's websites. Driver Update™ determines the drivers your system needs and downloads them in the correct order to ensure compatibility and maintain performance.

For the procedure to configure this object, see Configuring the Update Network Adapter Object.

The following tables list the properties and published data for this object.Updating drivers is also a great troubleshooting step when the device is having some kind of problem or is generating an error, like a Device Manager error code.A driver update isn't always a fix-it task, either.In this tutorial, we'll be updating the driver for the network card on computer running Windows 7 Ultimate.This tutorial will also serve perfectly well as a walkthrough for installing any kind of driver like a video card, sound card, etc.All drivers offered by Driver Update™ may be available free of charge from manufacturer websites.

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