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Before you start your Adobe application, disable other applications and services using Selective Startup.For more information, search for these topics in the Microsoft Windows Help system: Some system components—for example, device drivers and virus protection utilities—can conflict with the installer and result in an incomplete or failed installation.

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Some tasks require you to locate files, folders, or extensions that are hidden by default. Visit the Adobe Product Updates page to see updates available for your product.

Updates to the Windows operating system improve its performance and compatibility with applications.

For example, if you had Microsoft Windows XP and upgraded to Windows 7, it would be considered a software upgrade. However, most software updates are small and almost always free because they fix bugs with a program.

Almost all software developers will release software updates to help keep a program secure and stable.

Update Quick Time: To update Quick Time, install the latest version from

Reinstall Quick Time: Remove Quick Time, delete any Quick Time files or folders remaining on the system, and then reinstall Quick Time.

When referring to software, a software upgrade refers to any major upgrade to the software that adds significant or completely new changes to the program.

A good example of a software upgrade is upgrading your version of Windows.

Maximizing scratch disk performance can resolve system errors and freezes.

Search for “scratch disk” in your Adobe application's Help system for more information.

For more information about extensions, see Adobe Extension Manager Help.

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