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Instead, the first time a Mono Behaviour of a given type is accessed the underlying script is inspected through scripting runtime (either Mono or IL2CPP) whether it has any magic methods defined and this information is cached.

If a Mono Behaviour has a specific method it is added to a proper list, for example if a script has Update method defined it is added to a list of scripts which need to be updated every frame.

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In the next test I changed We figured out that calling functions from C to C# is not fast, but let’s find out what Unity is actually doing when calling Updates on all these objects.

The easiest way to do this is to use Time Profiler from Apple Instruments.

If you haven’t used Instruments before, on the right you see functions sorted by execution time and other functions they call.

The most left column is CPU time in ms and % of these functions and functions they call combined, second left column is self execution time of the function.

This leads to warnings and makes it harder to navigate the code.

Sometimes developers add an abstract class extending This structure makes using Mono Behaviours in your code more logical but has one little flaw. All your Mono Behaviours will be in all update lists Unity uses internally, all these methods will be called each frame for all your scripts, mostly doing nothing at all!Then went back to editing the file, and voila - instant speedup on my typing! Also I noticed that using smaller files helped, before I found the above setting.The lag manifested only when editing the beginning or the middle of a long file. By and large, disabling additional displays (second or third monitor) had the most consistent results for fixing this for me.When working in VSCode provides intellisense across all of your Java Script modules (the ones you write).Now let’s assume you want intellisense for the Java Script libraries or node modules you use on the client or server.Visual Studio Code provides excellent intellisense for Java Script, Type Script, and C#. NET 5 or node or client side code, you’ll see a new level of intellisense here. If you hover over a variable VSCode shows the signature of a function or the type of a variable, if it can be determined.

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