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If you want to contribute to the Wiki itself, you can simply get in touch with the team to obtain an account, directly on the development IRC channel #oi-dev on Freenode, or on the development mailing-list oi-dev.Congratulations are in order - hipster 2017.10 is now available! The Hipster package repository URL has been changed. Congratulations are in order - hipster 2015.10 is now available! The uri of the default Hipster "openindiana.org" repository has changed from to are in order - hipster 2014.10 is now available! Congratulations are in order - oi_151a9 is now available!

Please see the oi_151a_prestable9 Release Notes for details.

Congratulations are in order - oi_151a8 is now available! If someone can contact canonical team and let them test OI, then they will definitely help.

In late 1995, Theo de Raadt forked it from Net BSD.

Besides the operating system as a whole, the project maintains portable versions of many subsystems, most notably Open SSH, which are available as packages in other operating systems.

Parrella 2016 Prep IFC_Open Source is a simple appplication that makes the necessary updates to a local code repository for the Revit IFC Open Source code.

There are many paths in the solution that need to be updated to work on your local machine before you will be able to edit and build the IFC Open Source code.You can make these changes manually as described in https://sourceforge.net/projects/ifcexporter/files/Building the Revit IFC Export Open Source Code.pdf/download , or use Prep IFC_Open to make the changes for you. Create a local code repository as described in this document, but stop before updating the .props files.https://sourceforge.net/projects/ifcexporter/files/Building the Revit IFC Export Open Source Code.pdf/download * Make sure that your new repository is not read-only.De Raadt coordinates the project from his home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since then, the project has followed a schedule of a release every six months, each of which is supported for one year.On 25 July 2007, Open BSD developer Bob Beck announced the formation of the Open BSD Foundation, a Canadian non-profit organization formed to "act as a single point of contact for persons and organizations requiring a legal entity to deal with when they wish to support Open BSD." Just how widely Open BSD is used is hard to determine as its developers do not publish or collect usage statistics.In September 2005, the BSD Certification Group performed a usage survey which revealed that 32.8% of BSD users (1420 of 4330 respondents) were using Open BSD, intrusion-detection systems, and VPN gateways.

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