Sexsexsex - Updating excel worksheet from access query

there's no obvious reason to me why this cant be done I get a "cant update" error.

It has something to do with some copyright battle or something like that. 2000) where the capability to update linked files still exist.

But that may not be feasible or possible (unless you have an old copy available to you). Use the built-in Help that comes with Excel/Access 2. A lot of VBA code can be acquired by using the Macro Recorder.

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Move First Else Msg Box "No records in Access table.", vb Information acc RST. Close: Set acc RST = Nothing: Set acc Conn = Nothing Exit Sub End If Do While Not acc RST.

Close Set acc RST = Nothing: Set acc Conn = Nothing End Sub Sub Get MDB() Dim cn As Object Dim rs As Object str File = "Z:\Documents\Database\Database1.mdb" str Con = "Provider=Microsoft. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & str File & ";" Set cn = Create Object("ADODB.

Copy From Recordset rs End With End Sub Sub Update MDB() Dim cn As Object Dim rs As Object ''It would probably be better to use the proper name, but this is ''convenient for notes str File = Workbooks(1). Open str Con ''Selecting the cell that are different str SQL = "SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$] s " _ & "INNER JOIN [; Database=Z:\Documents\Database\Database1.mdb;].

Open str SQL, cn, 1, 3 ''ad Open Keyset, ad Lock Optimistic ''Just to see ''If Not rs.

Though you can run append (Dim acc Conn As Object, acc RST As Object Dim acc File As String, acc Str As String Dim lastrow As Long, i As Long Const ad Open Keyset = 1, ad Lock Optimistic = 3, ad Cmd Table Direct = 512 lastrow = Workbooks(1).

Table1 t " _ & "INNER JOIN [Sheet1$] s " _ & "ON" _ & "SET t. Excel simply is not a database to do such transactions with no record-level locking mechanism, read/write access, or relational model.

A month or so ago CBS aired the final episode of the beloved sitcom , a show that had been ranked No. ” We’ll put it this way: the Excel can function as a flat-file database that can be accessed using ADO and SQL queries.

1 in viewership for hundreds of years, despite the fact that at least one of the Scripting Guys never caught even the briefest glimpse of the program. And in today’s column we’ll explain how to do just that. Move Next Loop We should probably start by pointing out that the first half of the script simply defines some constants and creates the two objects – ADODB. Recordset – that are required to connect to and retrieve data from a data source.

And if you have particular questions about Microsoft Office scripting, feel free to send them to [email protected](in English, if possible). Can you use ADO to access the information found in an Excel spreadsheet?

We can’t promise to answer all the questions we receive, but we’ll do our best. Can you send SQL queries to Excel and get back information?

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