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If the table receiving new data and schema from a merge has a primary key, new rows from the incoming data are matched with existing rows that have the same Original primary key values as those in the incoming data.

If the columns from the incoming schema match those of the existing schema, the data in the existing rows is modified. Merge(data Set Changes, true, Missing Schema Action. Get Errors(); foreach (Data Row err Row in err Rows) // Commit the changes. Accept Changes(); Dim customers As Data Table = data Set. Get Changes() ' Add an event handler to handle the errors during Update. Row Updated, New Sql Row Updated Event Handler( _ Address Of On Row Updated) connection.

However, starting with version 2.0, merging causes two new , and how to handle new schema elements found in the incoming data. Fill(customers, "Customers"); Data Set orders = new Data Set(); orders.

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During merge operations, both Table Name and Namespace are used to identify the target of a merge. In version 1.1, namespaces were supported but were ignored during merge operations. Open() Dim customers As Data Set = New Data Set() adapter.

If no Namespace has been assigned, only the Table Name is used to identify the target of a merge. For this reason, a Data Set that uses Namespace property values will have different behaviors depending on which version of the . For example, suppose you have two with the same Table Name property values but different Namespace property values. NET Framework, the different Namespace names will be ignored when merging the two Data Set objects.

The design of the Data Set makes it ideal for transporting data using XML Web services.

For an overview of XML Web services, see XML Web Services Overview.

Navigating Data Relations Describes how to use the relations between tables in a Data Set to return the child or parent rows of a parent-child relationship.

Merging Data Set Contents Describes how to merge the contents of one Data Set, Data Table, or Data Row array into another Data Set.Data Table objects can optionally be assigned a Namespace property value. When Namespace values are assigned, a Data Set can contain multiple Data Table objects with the same Table Name value. Add With Key); Using connection As Sql Connection = New Sql Connection( _ connection String) Dim adapter As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter( _ "SELECT Customer ID, Company Name FROM Customers", connection) connection. Fill(customers, "Customers") Dim orders As Data Set = New Data Set() orders. Add) ' Reject changes on rows with errors and clear the error. Merge(data Set Changes, True, Missing Schema Action. Get Errors() Dim err Row As Data Row For Each err Row In err Rows err Row. Skip Current Row End If End Sub Data Sets, Data Tables, and Data Views Row States and Row Versions Data Adapters and Data Readers Retrieving and Modifying Data in ADO. NET Managed Providers and Data Set Developer Center Note The feedback system for this content will be changing soon. If content within a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy.

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