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Dmitry Medvedev: "In 2015, the automotive industry received 43 billion roubles in state support.The programmes stimulating demand, which involved updating the car fleet and reducing car credit and rental rates, had a positive effect.

Reduced car credit and rental rates programmes will also remain.

Russian companies will receive financial support on their investment credits.

Still, we managed to prevent production freezes and mass layouts.

To a great degree, this was achieved thanks to Government measures.

This privacy statement for Internet Explorer 11 (“Internet Explorer”) for Windows 7 focuses on features that communicate with the Internet, explains how those features collect your data, and describes the way that data is used.

This is a preliminary disclosure that focuses on features that communicate with the Internet and isn't intended to be an exhaustive list.

It doesn’t apply to other online or offline Microsoft sites, products, or services.

Internet Explorer has certain features that may impact or help you to protect your privacy.

Both the rouble rate and the rising price of car parts don't play in its favour.

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