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Well, there are several good reasons to flash your video card's BIOS.

For one thing, some manufacturers have and will release BIOS updates for their video cards, though this has become considerably rarer in the last few years.

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A quick bit of research on the Internet will turn up many accounts of this.

It's fair to note at this point that many of the gains achieved by successfully flashing a new BIOS onto your card can be directly attributed to the new BIOS increasing the GPU and memory speeds.

These updates may increase the stability of the card, eliminate glitches and problems, and possibly increase performance.

A more compelling reason is the lure of getting your video card to perform to its maximum possible potential.

Video cards in particular have an interesting history in relation to the BIOS flashing procedure.

While motherboard BIOS fixes generally add support for new processors and fix hardware glitches, video card BIOS updates have the potential to do much more.

In the current age of the unified video driver, where manufacturers like ATI and Nvidia provide a single set of drivers for all their video products, the way the video drivers interact with a card also depends on how the card is identified by the BIOS.

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