Updating ati video bios

You can also use our New shopping links when making online purchases or contribute to Phoronix through a Pay Pal tip.(Basic Input/Output System) of your motherboard to enable new features and fix errors.These updates may increase the stability of the card, eliminate glitches and problems, and possibly increase performance.

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Please note that this is a possibility specific to the one type of video card only, and cannot be duplicated with other products.

Similar processes exist for various other types of video cards though.

The same graphics processor can be set to run at a lower speed so that the company can have entry level and high-end versions of the same part without the expense of commissioning two different graphics core designs.

A good recent example of this sort of thing is with ATI's Radeon 9800 PRO and Radeon XT cards.

Many 256MB 9800 Pro cards (and some 128MB ones too) actually use the same graphics processor core as the 'faster' and more feature laden 9800 XT cards.

A simple BIOS flash will increase the speed of the card and enable features that were not previously available to the 9800Pro, like temperature monitoring and the 'overdrive' driver overclocking option.

loads and the software drivers take control of your video card's functions, the video BIOS initializes the card.

As soon as it receives power from the motherboard, the BIOS activates the card and identifies itself to the motherboard BIOS.

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In other words, you can have the power of a 0 card for the price of a 0 card.

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