Updating a victorian home

There were no white walls in this time of opulence and decadence.

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This article promised design ideas that did not require hefty renovations, so in keeping with this promise we will not tell you to have crown molding, dado rails, wainscoting, cornicing and wall panels installed in your home in order to create Victorian character (but all of these would help if you desire doing a bit of remodeling).

Victorians were very much in love with ornately carved wood furniture made of mahogany, walnut and oak.

There are many other design styles that mix well with Victorian homes, such as 10 Ways To Achieve A Victorian Gothic-Inspired Home.

What ideas do you have to create a Modern Victorian home?

It takes a keen eye to mix these two styles and achieve a result that looks spot-on, instead of some crazy puzzle that doesn’t exactly fit together.

Add the puzzle pieces slowly to be sure they fit well together.When decorating your Modern Victorian home, restraint can be used sparingly.Floors can be layered with persian-style rugs, walls can be covered in ornate oil paintings, and windows can be trimmed in lavish silks. Modern interiors are the exact opposite; they are stark, straight-edged and restrained. As you can see, creating a contemporary interior that meshes with the Victorian times, can be tough.Everything was hand crafted, hand-carved and well-made.Nothing was cheap; homes were meant to show-off your wealth via all the wonderful high-quality belongings that filled it.Aside from costly remodeling, how can we mesh modern interiors into our ancient home?

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