Updating a kitchen for cheap

My husband chose this brand because his grandma and also his mom used it for decades.

Updating a kitchen for cheap

I didn’t think I would use it much but surprisingly it is so handy to have a lid that fits perfectly onto a skillet.

It’s great for lightly steaming during stir frying and speeding up the cooking.

lol FYI, I use these mainly on my induction cooktop.

You don’t have to have a gas burner to use these ones! Before these, I used to use non-stick pans and I got tired of throwing them away every few months when they got scratched.

You can use it as an electric pressure cooker as well. Cuckoo is by far the most well known rice cooker maker in Korea.

They seemed to release a new and improved rice cooker every 6 months, so you should be able to get more advanced models now. Cuckoo IH Pressure Rice Cooker : This is my beautiful rice cooker made by Cuckoo.I actually ordered it from Korea so I’m using it with an Australian power adapter.It makes julienning so much faster and easier with minimum effort!I had owned other Australian brand mandolin slicers in the past but they were really hopeless in performance, so I gave them away to charity.I used this pot in my latest cookbook for the Spicy Braised Mackerel and Radish recipe. Victorinox 7-Inch Granton Edge Santoku Knife : I was introduced to this santoku knife about 2 years ago and I love it because it fits my small hand very well.

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