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But sympathy lay with the young Brits, not the Isis jihadis — and there is a difference.

It’s the latest of many polls since 9/11 which ask Muslims if they have sympathy for the devil.

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Shortly after the programme asked Muslim residents in High Wycombe whether they thought the magazine should have published its cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Others questioned the morality of printing such pictures, given the potential for offence.

I live in the town and I know plenty of people who hold the latter view, but the programme would never have approached them, because they weren’t Muslim.

Do you have sympathy with young Muslims who leave the UK to join fighters in Syria?

It’s a hard question to answer: perhaps you’d wonder who the ‘fighters’ were.

The poll, by Survation, had asked a rather different question: what level of ‘sympathy’ the respondents had ‘with young Muslims who leave the UK to join fighters in Syria’.

A small proportion — 5 per cent — had ‘a lot of sympathy’, and 15 per cent had ‘some sympathy’.Or whether the ‘young Muslims’ were 14-year-old girls, groomed by fanatics to be jihadi brides.But if you answer ‘yes’, you may be surprised to find yourself described as having ‘sympathy for jihadis’. You can always ask the lawyer in the case that you would "like to speak to the judge in chambers." This means that you can talk to the judge and express which parent you prefer to live with or which one you prefer not to visit.\n. The judge is very interested in the welfare of any child, but, in some cases, although you may not understand the outcome of the courts decisions at the time, they do have your best interests at heart.Britain clearly does have a problem with homegrown extremism, and it’s important to gauge the extent of that problem.

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