Tyre dating marks

The exact translation of the code is not prescribed by NHTSA.

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First number is the number of bolts (in our case 5).

The number 112 indicates the so-called PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) which is the diameter of an imaginary circle drawn through the center hole of the screws on which the wheel is mounted.

I am aware that many European based tire manufacturers use a different system.

Also, there are different types of tires that require DOT coding.

DOT 3012 means the tyre was made on the 30th week of 2012 Can I purchase and drive on a tyre made 1 or 2 years ago without performance loss?

The different types of rubber used in tyres have significantly improved and are not as sensitive to the passing of time as they used to.

The tyre DOT corresponds to the manufacturing date.

It consists of four digits that indicate the week and year of production.

This means there will be a period of time where there will be both 2 digit and 3 digit plant codes.

To make the transition easier, NHTSA has reserved a series of 3 digits codes starting with the number "1" (One) followed by the previous 2 digit codes.

My primary purpose in these articles is to help people understand tires and thereby reduce the risks we all face every day.

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