Twins dating twins

with one taking up wrestling while the other is on the sidelines for the first time this year. a counselor and mother of three teenage surviving quadruplets. Parents must strive to achieve balance in relating to each child and to settle conflicts fairly. One mother of 15-year-old quadruplets and their teen singleton sibling sighed knowingly at the beginning of summer vacation--she faced three long months with five teens in the house! but doesn't want the co-twin to know the secret's out.

reports individuation was never a problem with her children. Parents need to encourage the twins to discuss their concerns with each other.

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This can affect choice of athletic activities during middle school and high school.

The physical talents and abilities of each child need to be taken into account along with their interests.

The rules which work for one may not apply well to another. Twins of both sexes at age 10 scored worse than singletons. Many twins share the same circle of friends as they enter adolescence. The socially mature child shouldn't be deprived of dating experiences. Twin relationships usually follow one of three patterns: mutual dependence (each child relying equally on his partner).

but parents must develop careful explanations and creative sets of rules to forestall jealousy and bitterness. the less mature twin isn't interested in boys and readily accepts her sister's dating as just another difference between them. mutual independence (each child striving to establish her identity apart from her twin).

Profound physical changes occur during adolescence. Girls hit their peak growth rate about two years before boys.

Identical twins tend to be very close in the timing of growth spurts and in their adult height and weight.

They have always shown distinct personalities and talents. my colleague's 15-year-old identical sons have only in the last year developed distinct interests and friendships. only involving the parents with the open knowledge of both twins. parents must avoid sterotyping one twin as "the better one." or siding too closely with one child instead of the other. Parents tend to consider this twin even more superior during adolescence.

It's best to encourage twins to find ways to differentiate themselves early in childhood. Studies show that the first twin to come home after birth. although teachers see no major differences between the twins. Prematurity does not appear to increase ADD risk.& Speech and reading difficulties are also more prevalent in twin students.

Some healthier partners develop special empathy and decide to enter caring professions. Surviving twins and their parents may be acutely aware that the living child is a perpetual reminder of the twin who died.

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