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Even identical twins with very different birth weights tend to be similar in size by the time they reach puberty.although a smaller child may not entirely catch up.

Both twins may not be able to participate in the same activity if no suitable sport can use both children's best features.

Adolescent multiples must break ties with their parents AND with their wombmates.

A girl may be more socially advanced than her twin brother. and unilateral dependence (one twin relying heavily on an independent co-twin who does not want a close relationship). and one becomes devastated by consistently being the "close second" and never winning the prize.

and may look down on him when she begins keeping company with other young men. " Pat Malmstrom quotes an 18-year-old twin girl as saying "It's as if we have to get a divorce before we can get on with our lives. at least in part because peers recognize that three children banded together would make a formidable foe! The last pattern is associated most often with adult psychological problems. and professional help can assist the more dependent twin to develop a healthier self-concept and may perhaps salvage the twinship before permanent estrangement occurs. Less dramatic difficulties occur when twins are very competitive in the same sport. Disability in one twin is another unfortunate circumstance.

Effective coping strategies can help parents save their sanity. and you may even enjoy the variety of their dinner menus. keeping an open mind and "going with the flow"--is also important. The time it took to focus the camera helped her gain perspective on how important the problem of the moment was in the "big picture of life." Now she has funny memories of her children's younger years. Parents may be fearful of the effects that differences in evaluations and rewards will have on the twin relationship. such events are an opportunity to teach children how to cope with the unequal treatment they'll encounter in life. Friends won't instinctively understand a twin the way wombmates do. A mother of 12-year-old boys feels her sons are less lonely and need less attention from others than their older singleton sister. a twin who relies excessively on her twin or her twinship in social situations may be terrified when she is alone. She can feel lost or "cut in half." This is particularly true of some identical girls who use their twinship as a way to gain friends and attention. Girlfriends or boyfriends of a twin may envy the relationship between twins. since the other twin usually ends up knowing everything about the romance!

If you keep life as simple as possible and focus on the important things. Creative problem solving is a must--especially with children who are quite different from each other. and reports there are still a lot of entertaining pictures taken in their house! Australian studies in the 1970s compared twins to singletons in literacy and mathematical ability. so twins must work harder at communication in their friendships than they might expect. Romantic relationships can be thorny for twins' relationship with each other. Parents face difficult decisions when one of the pair is ready to begin dating and the other is less mature.with one taking up wrestling while the other is on the sidelines for the first time this year. a counselor and mother of three teenage surviving quadruplets. Parents must strive to achieve balance in relating to each child and to settle conflicts fairly. One mother of 15-year-old quadruplets and their teen singleton sibling sighed knowingly at the beginning of summer vacation--she faced three long months with five teens in the house! but doesn't want the co-twin to know the secret's out.reports individuation was never a problem with her children. Parents need to encourage the twins to discuss their concerns with each other.Stages of Development in Twins (Pre-School) - In the second stage of our twins development guide, we look at the early years where it starts to get interesting!There is so much happening; walking, talking, toddler tantrums and multiple mayhem!Some healthier partners develop special empathy and decide to enter caring professions. Surviving twins and their parents may be acutely aware that the living child is a perpetual reminder of the twin who died.

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