Triplex glass dating

The quarter coding system on basis of the word TRIPLEX was identical to the TOUGHENED and LAMINATED versions.

The year indication is still identical to the TOUGHENED or LAMINATED system, but the month code changed.

TRIPLEX safety glass is either named TOUGHENED or LAMINATED depending on the manufacturing process, but in addition the description PLATE has been introduced after the war for laminated windscreens (initially) intended for the USA.

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It is indicated by the dots over the word TRIPLEX as shown at left.

This is where two dots over "T" and one dot over "X" means August.

Cars made till the late 1970’s can be dated by the code etched on the safety glass.

Note that it dates the glass and is only an indication of the cars age, thereby assuming the glass is still original.

Now notice the first three pictures have a dot in the center of the triple-x logo, but the 4th does not.

I will guess that this dot may be a decade mark, but I wouldn't know for which decade, as the time sequence for the first four pictures is as yet unknown.

One dot above T, R, E, or X gives the quarter of the year the glass was manufactured: T = Jan, Feb, March, R = April, May, June, E = July Aug, Sept, X = Oct, Nov, Dec. Nine letters make the word TOUGHENED, one dot below a letter gives the year of the decade: T = 1 O = 2 U = 3 and so on. Say your car is a 1950's MG, then TRIPLEX TOUGHENED, with one dot over the 'R' in Triplex, and the other under the last 'E' in Toughened, indicates 'April/May/June 1958' Below are some date code pictures.

The first (from previous page) is a 1950's vintage logo.

The year code systems (described below) was used over a number of decades leading to potential confusion if only the last number of a year had been indicated.

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