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Firstly, it’s much more exciting and imaginative with you. Where do you tell your partner you are when you come to see me?

If I come to you, it is the complete opposite: your house is beautiful and well organized, you have a lovely garden, and the general atmosphere is one of peace and calm.

I feel like I am the complete focus of your attention.

) critics claim trying to keep the relationship under wraps may have clouded his judgement about press regulation.

He was chair of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, which was instrumental in the phone-hacking scandal.

ESCORT 1 – Claire, 31, works out of her home in Bedfordshire and sees up to 20 clients a week by advertising her services online. I work long hours and it is incredibly high­ pressured.

She started ten years ago, after her former husband stopped paying maintenance and she found herself struggling to raise their two children alone. He’s married with three teenage children and works in communications. She describes him as friendly and kind-hearted, some­one who would do anything for anyone. It would be great if I could go home to a quiet house and relax with my wife, but the reality is that the house is always noisy, my wife is usually busy cooking dinner, and I really feel as if no one even notices that I’m home.

I turn my mobile off while we’re together and, if she’s called, I’ll ring back when we’re done and tell her I met a business colleague for a meal. While respecting your right to a private life on the grounds that it’s all part of our business relationship, I genuinely regard you as a really nice person.

ESCORT 3 – Maria*, 27, lives in Glasgow and has been working as an escort for the past three years to pay for her studies as a homeo­ path. You’re not moody or difficult like some of the women I’ve dated. I would like to think that I would stop coming to see you if I did find myself in a serious relationship with a woman, or was thinking of getting married.

She sees around 12 clients a week at their homes or in hotels, and relies on word of mouth to get custom. I don’t want to have an affair, as that would feel like too much of an emotional betrayal.

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