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It was nothing more than a music video production and with each single, we will get a new episode.So whether you believed it, hated it, loved the idea or couldn’t care less, it was innovative and it got the people going.

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Following VH1’s #14daysoflove, the network collaborated with Songs for the exclusive, but the series will continue to run on Tremaine The

It’s not sure when the show will begin, but we know it’ll be interesting to watch.

And VH1 continues to be in on the gag (for some reason) as they're still promoting clips for the spoof series online — even though everyone knows it is fake!

Related: The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Trey's Sexy Mugshot ICMYI, here's the trailer for When you trick everyone into thinking you got a reality show but you were really planning an album drop.

In 2000, he reluctantly competed in a talent show and was spotted by producer Troy Taylor.

Two years later, he got signed to Atlantic Music Group, moved to New Jersey and began recording his debut album in 2003.Around the 7 minute mark, it transitions into an official music video for the album’s first single.Trey Songz stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and explained the “gag” (no Ke Ke Palmer) behind the whole reality show.The show, which features Draya Michele and Steelo Brim as co-hosts, will air exclusively as a web series on Tremaine The, though the launch date hasn't been announced. If this sounds like your kind of messiness, check out the trailer below.Judging by the exclusive sneak peek VH1 released earlier this week, viewers can expect the standard reality show drama that made such a hit: grainy on-camera hook-ups, shady confessionals, and women shamelessly fighting over a guy on national TV. While still working on the album, Songz released multiple mixtapes under moniker Prince of Virginia.

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