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There are hundreds of makers for ECDIS, each having different procedures, menu and layouts.

However the basics of the operations are same with all of these.

They argue that shrinking the width and height of paper chart to a 21 inch screen can bring too many confusions.

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Finally you will see the below screen, which will give you the files to send to the chart provider.

Sending the order and receiving the cell permits After you locate the order as per the message in above screen, you need to send these files to your chart provider.

I will demonstrate using JRC ECDIS and Chartco but the basic procedures will be same for other makes of ECDIS.

In ECDIS the charts are called ENCs or cells and the charts number as cell number.

Let’s say you are at Al-Jubail in Saudi and next voyage is to Mumbai (India).

How to know what all charts you have and what all you need to order.

Just in case you don’t know, charts on ECDIS are divided into five categories depending upon the scales.

These categories are Berthing, Harbor, Coastal, General and overview.

After checking each category, select the charts required in that category and which falls in your voyage.

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