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Since then we have been actually emotionally closer, experienced trips together, lived life as it comes in this stage. ” Says we are perfect together alot & Will say he loves me but not often. I just offered help out of kindness & nothing else. Hours later he called & I stated my case & he said he over reacted but he then said “I don’t want a relationship with the life of the party & you are.” Thing is, I’m not. Sometimes I get them to come out to see him play (makes it look good for him. Last weekend, I met his son and he invited me to hang out with them both Saturday AND Sunday.Today, I received an email and he stated that he had considered a relationship with me, that he doesn’t want children. He is not romantic at all & isn’t one to express feelings much. I asked questions about where he grew up bc we drove near the area, and he took me on a tour of where he used to live, went to high school, etc. I have told him that I have already fallen for him and would like to date him. He keeps doing things to create a deep emotional connection and share his life with me, but then places me firmly in the friend zone.I don’t want this anymore but I’m getting mixed advice from people.

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He didn’t seem like he was saying goodbye, just being honest about his situation at this present time.

I thanked him for being honest with me and said to say hi sometime, said I was sorry I wasn’t enough for him and wished him well.

I wish I hadnt responded like I had now and just said ok understand contact me when your free. nothing else and no amount of understanding will ever work. We’ve been dating for like 2 months nearly 3months. before he decided to move to the country i’m currently working at.

I will not contact him now as I aldo said in my reply , but will give him space and hope he contacts me as he said. Recently he said he sees us together, commited, just not today! He tells me he misses me, and even late at night he will call just to say goodnight. I slept with him on a first date and we continue hanging out every weekend.

We met over 5 years ago, have lots of life ups and downs we went through together with parents getting older, my children growing up (2 are out of the house already), we act like couple at family & friend functions, his family likes me a lot, etc. Later in the conversation he said he loved me & asked if I still loved him. He’s given me one of his dog tags (from his Army time), and I only take it off when I shower.

About 1.5 years ago he ended the friends with benefit part because of his father’s health condition and demands for his life, he also said he was considering finding someone with whom he cold have children (he is 50 and I’m 50). So here’s the issue…when we’re apart he says he misses me, always asks or texts “do you miss me? He got very jealous over an innocent fb post I wrote to a married friend of his who was in hospital from major back surgery. He has always said things like “you don’t want wit Someone like me” or finding someone else. He is always at his parents’ house when I come for a weekend visit. We have gone out to eat together, had romantic moments, and have had sexual contact, but not actual sex.he separated from his wife couple years back and agree with her to not have divorce since fearing will give bad flow to their kids.since i was also on status quo, i didnt too give a damn. i mean real friend ; P then, here’s the thing,,, when we nurture the relationship, we let our feeling nourish, we chatted on daily basis and at some points, he wanted to get physical.I read that he was saying goodbye in a nice gentleman way, hense my reply. the important part: he sleeping with others, doesn’t want u to. then, the next time he texts act happy and like nothing happened, but don’t sleep with him again until he’s paid to take u on three dates and start calling you his girlfriend.My friends seem to think different, thst he was saying I’m really busy, trying to sort my life out and will be in touch later. That’s a sign of property you plan to get rid of, not someone u care about. here’s how: dump him right away, start ignoring his texts like a bitch. this is the only possible way you could ever get him back into ur life or to respect u. Hi I’ve been through the same situation like you guys. We were talking alot thru skype, viber, whatsapp etc.When you can find that place within yourself, then dealing with him won’t be an issue. get to a place where what he does may affect you a bit, but overall your life is so great that Hi!

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