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If you're looking for advice on where to take your girlfriend on a romantic dinner or how to surprise your boyfriend for your anniversary, you can consult traditional dispensaries of dating wisdom, like are ones you want to imitate.

I said "no" to her for several reasons, biggest reason is because I had a lot of anxiety over it.

She is a popular cheerleader who just happened to sit next to me at English and she had a thing for me.

I don't get any response for the entire weekend. I assume she's ghosting me so I delete her number and our text conversation. I receive two texts saying "Sorry for not responding before.

I text her again Sunday afternoon asking "would you like to meet up again sometime? I’ve had a terrible cold all weekend" and "I’d like that!

And getting to know people is the only way to take them off the pedestal. I thought it went well, enjoyed his company, and he said "let's do this again sometime." So I was excited at the prospect. I said, "I'm literally going to text her right now." Which I did, but I was just like "Guess who I just went out with?! But make sure to be available because otherwise they’d feel unimportant.

Case in point: Randomly met an attractive young man a couple of weeks ago. " and didn't connect that I had implied I would make plans between the three of us. Do lots of things with lots of friends but being by yourself means you’re not insecure.

Trolls have been running rampant for months in this sub. But I'm sitting here having a sort of eureka moment. I hadn't been thinking too much about it before Friday. Then I remembered on the coffee date, we realized his cousin is my good friend in town (small world). Everyone wants to be loved, but not too early because that’s creepy.

People like Pepper, the Israeli guy, as well as the Indian incel, who are clearly just here to spam shit up with their psychotic thoughts, never get banned or have their threads deleted. Realizations: It's not the end of the world if someone doesn't like me. So on the date he had said we should hang out with her, then as we were leaving he repeated that we should hang out with her. Be sure to be busy sometimes because things that are scarce are more desirable.

The next day, I text her at around 5pm when I know she gets off from work.

I tell her that I had a nice time and I suggest that we go to a bar for a trivia night one day next week.

If Daenerys and Drogo can work past a language barrier and an arranged marriage (his death notwithstanding), you can probably get through your girlfriend's semester in Italy.

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