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A noted exception makes itself known in the case of an alpha female marrying an alpha male. We know that we're 98% genetically similar to the chimpanzee, but some evolutionary scientists have demonstrated that we may be even more closely related to the bonobo, an ape that, to the untrained eye, may be mistaken for a chimp.

He'll likely be one of the few people she'll willingly concede to.• Often, many of the alpha female's relationships are notably devoid of emotion. Interestingly enough, one of the biggest differences between the two apes is their pedalism -- the bonobo walks more erect, like us.

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Throughout the history of mankind, the female has been valued for her reproductive capacity.

Attraction factors of the female body that are considered beautiful today are holdovers from when men chose women for their child-bearing and child-rearing fitness (small waists, wide pelvic floors, wide hips, short arms, large breasts).

She'll maintain ties that promote success, but will rarely form any type of relationship for the sake of love or comradeship alone.• Because the alpha female has difficulty forging strong personal bonds, she'll likely spend much of her life feeling lonely, even if she's surrounded with people. But even more fascinating than the locomotion similarity is the society model that the bonobo offers for alpha females.

For these reasons, women throughout history have learned to stifle their alpha tendencies, in favor of more traditional, and safer, roles. You see, a bonobo tribe is led by the personality likenesses of Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Dolly Parton, and Oprah Winfrey.

The alpha female has charm, and she knows how, and when, to turn it on.

The method of conquering isn't important to her…but the resulting power is.

The alpha female will usually gauge her success in terms of how many clients she's landed or how many acronyms tail her name. Often obsessed with being the best, she won't be ashamed to admit she's "out for blood."• She's a natural leader.

Others will logically look to her in times of turmoil. Though the alpha female recognizes that she's not male, she also sees herself as a sort of enhanced woman, rejecting the attributes that are typically considered to be feminine (sensitive, nurturing, delicate).• She's sweet when she has to be.

Because traditionally, the genetic personality of the alpha female has been condemned, and even punished.

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