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In my experience, five profile pictures is a solid way to start.

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Have a look at the picture below to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

You want to end up with thai girls that you find interesting, in your own style. If you like a chubby Thai girlfriend - that's good too.

Then move them off the website and onto a messaging app like Line or Skype. It's a fast, simple and easy way to find an interesting Thai girlfriend. The benefit of an online dating site is you can scan through photos and online dating profiles of hundreds of Thai ladies over the course of an hour.

For me, a dating website is simply a shopping mall. Do it on your smartphone when you are waiting to meet a potential Thai girlfriend, for that first face to face meeting if you want lol Compare this to the work you need to do if you're going to do 'day game' in a shopping mall in Bangkok. Surprisingly, they unaware what’s happening outside of their own country. Talk about travel Ask her if she has traveled before and what her dream destination would be.

So the first thing that my past Thai girlfriends see is that I'm active. I have what these cute Thai girls desire and they want some of that for their lives or so they think. Leave mystery in their minds with a short profile description.

Enough to get their interest and get the online conversation started.

You need to remember this region of Thailand is poor.

The Isaan girls are beautiful, intelligent, innocent as well as uneducated.

Having specifics on locations helps with the 'How'. Thai girls have their own set of guidelines, just different to yours.

I can't stress this is enough having great profile photos is a 'must have'.

Yet, depending on the area of Thailand will determine distinct characteristics of the people who live there.

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