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Your job is to make your commitment to her conditional. It's her job to add value to you, give you access to her cooch, and demand commitment in exchange. The best summary of this online: If she's out of town, I'm a firm believer that you need to be talking to other girls, if not new girls (best) then at least girls you have previously laid or have the ability to get laid with. Afterthoughts: Always assume any girl you're fucking is also fucking someone else.

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Just make sure you never care more about her than she does you, because that's how she'll gain all the control.

if you never set the frame of exclusivity at the beginning, you cannot assume it.

Whats a good mindset and attitude to have with her once we get together again? Don't worry about what your mindset when you're with her(it should be focused on banging her, I think). Just make sure to follow your question up with a trip to the clinic if you've been going raw.

Worry about your mindset when you are not with her. If you want LTR with her, she probably doesn't think enough of you to want the same if she is banging someone else so soon after you, I'm afraid to say. Personally, so long as you have other girls in your rotation, this shouldn't really matter.

I just texted " Gmornin doll" ( she likes to be called that )....waited almost four hours....until the afternoon...she texted back just "Hola" (she's a latina ) as if she was trying to sneak in a quick text while the guy was in the bathroom. I may be overthinking intuition is sometimes good.

I want to straight up ask her if she saw someone when she was home when I see her again....she's actually supposed to be coming back tonight to hang out and bang.

Fucking her like that will help bring you harvest that mentality.

I know you're reading this and say to yourself that I'm jaded as fuck.

But...this it's getting later in the day...may not. Is it cool to ask a girl you've been banging that you like this question without being "beta" or "too possessive"? I do have other girls in the pipeline..kinda like this one. This is the kind of subject girls bring up if they want to be exclusive with you. I would stop messaging her too, at least for a couple of days, unless she initiates contact. Sounds like you're getting feelings for her, and she's more than a bang to you.

I would focus on other girls in the pipeline for now. Don't you feel like you're investing too much emotionally? Put all those thoughts of "did you see someone at home" because they're losing thoughts. This may sound corny but I want to know what kind of a girl she is...she a sleep around whore? I'd probably would be disappointed..I wouldn't go off on her. This may sound corny but I want to know what kind of a girl she is...she a sleep around whore? I'd probably would be disappointed..I wouldn't go off on her. If she's nothing more you she be glad she has another guy spending time and money on her. Never ask her that question because she will think that you're trying to cage her into a relationship and you'll never see her again.

However, if your present goals are to bang as many women as possible, you need to step back a bit from this one and find at least one other girl you can work on, and ideally start banging ASAP. She should be wondering if you're seeing other girls (she doesn't need to know, but you HAVE to imply that you could). You have to imply that you're willing to lose her in order to keep her attracted.

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