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So, we asked if he was single, if it was complicated, or if he was in a relationship. ESPN Is Essential on Tour: When it comes to tour bus necessities, a good satellite signal reigns supreme.

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Staying Fit on the Road: So how does Rice stay in shape?

He works with what they've got on the bus: a YETI cooler and two sets of Bowflex dumb bells—Rice uses the cooler as a bench." "We'll fill the cooler up, or if it's full from the night before with beer, ice, whatever's in there, and literally raise it and do whatever we can with it," he says.9.

"Then, my senior year, my dad passed away, so I wrote my first song about him." The song Rice wrote following his father's death still hasn't been released, but was the starting point to his songwriting and country career., landed at the No.

1 spot on country charts its first week, and his lead single "Ready Set Roll" has already gone Platinum.

It was Rice's dad who really encouraged him to take his hobby to the next level.

Rice recalls, "I was sitting on my couch at home, picking at the guitar, trying to learn how to get better, and he said, 'Man, playing guitar is cool, but you aren't going to get the girls at Carolina unless you learn how to sing.'" Rice continued learning and playing the guitar, but it wasn't until tragedy struck that he started writing.

Colletti was born in Newport Beach, California, the youngest child of Lorilee (née Goodall) and Bruce Colletti.

Colletti has an older brother John, and an older sister Lauren.

The current relationship status of Bailey Chase is not known. I want to be in a relationship where we're both confident at what we have; I love you and you love me too.

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