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Works by William Faulkner including “The Mansion,” New York: Random House, first edition; Signed copy of “A Green Bough,” New York: Harrison Smith and Robert Haas; “Requiem for a Nun,” New York: Random House, 1951, first edition “Help! ” I’m an antique book appraiser, so I hear this phrase a lot, maybe eight or ten times a week.

However, it doesn’t always inspire the excitement or anticipation that I usually feel at the start of a great antique book hunt. Let’s face it, our forebears read many more books than we do.

When faced with an avalanche of “old books,” where do you begin sorting the “wheat from the chaff” to ferret out valuable rarities?

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If a class starts prior to date shown below, class will be paid in full using previous rate., i.e., class starting July 30, 2018 will be paid per August 1, 2017 rate.

The end date of the class is not a determining factor.

Perhaps this is because we now have other things to do, like watch 500 channels of cable television, surf the internet, discover the great outdoors or participate in any number of other diversions that attract our attention.

It isn’t my intention to pontificate about current social trends, but the point is that we read fewer books these days and many people wonder what to do with bookshelves and boxes containing their parents’ or grandparents’ treasured libraries.

Most plant fossils found in glacial lake sediment are from terrestrial sources.

As a result there can be a lag between the time the organism was alive and when it was finally transported to the lake and deposited with lake sediment.

The calibration of a glacial varve record, series, or chronology is accomplished by applying numerical or calendar ages to existing varve numbers.

The true calendar age of a varve sequence can be obtained in areas where varves can be counted back from the present in modern lakes with varve deposition.

Stay tuned for Part II, when I’ll explain eight things that help determine antique books’ value. Due to the volume of comments, we are unable to continue to reply individually.

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