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, based on the bestselling English novel by David Nicholls, tells the story of Emma and Dexter – a feisty Yorkshire girl (Anne Hathaway) and a posh, overprivileged smoothie (Sturgess) – who meet on the day of their graduation from the University of Edinburgh and carry on a will-they-or-won't-they relationship for 20 years.The hook is, we catch up with the characters for only one day a year, so we're continually figuring out where they are in their lives apart and together.

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In 2009, he played Gavin Kossef in the crime drama Crossing Over, appearing with Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd.

In 2010, Sturgess starred in the film, The Way Back, directed by Peter Weir.

Sturgess co-starred in the epic science fiction film Cloud Atlas, which began filming in September 2011 and was released in October 2012.

Sturgess was born in Wandsworth, London, but grew up in Farnham, Surrey, where he attended Frensham Heights School.

Detectives Robert Hicks (Jim Sturgess) and Elaine Renko (Agyness Deyn) find themselves partners, even though they stand on different ends of the moral spectrum and distrust each other’s motives, for good reason.

But in order to survive until the end of the world, they must find some way to learn to work together.

held at Regal Union Square on Wednesday (February 28) in New York City.

The leading stars were joined at the event by the show’s producers Neil Cross and Kate Hardwood, as well as guests Chaske Spencer, Michael Chernus, Kris Gottschalk, Chloe Wise, Alex Ross Perry, Dasha Maletina, Ryan Craven, Kalup Linzy and Chris Vandenhende.

During this interview with Collider, co-stars Jim Sturgess and Agyness Deyn talked about why Hard Sun was both …

In 2008, he played the male lead role of Ben Campbell in 21.

"The fact that everyone's so engrossed in this book and this story proves that romance isn't dead," Sturgess continued. It's frustrating to see them miss all these opportunities. My girlfriend [the musician Mickey O'Brien]and I met in a pub and got drunk, and we've been together ever since. She's sitting in the car next to me now, laughing." My point exactly: How do you sell a love story – be it a romantic comedy, where the lovers end up together; or a romantic drama, where the love ends – to the hookup generation?

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