Stories of teachers dating students

He’s got on this recent kick about conspiracies and evil shadowy organizations controlling everything, and you’re just …Our parents always told us that cheaters never prospered.While that’s sometimes not true (witness the President’s latest infidelity scandal!

The girl said they “grew feelings for each other” over time, according to the police report.

Zabaleta said at some point the student’s parents became concerned about the relationship.

The beauty, the intricacies and the delicate designs that have constituted this world seem to point to an intelligent mind behind all this.

When you look at the hollow bones of the birds that allow …There’s nothing like taking a picture to commemorate the rare opportunity of meeting your idol.

Zodiac signs, much like Meyer’s Briggs personality types, shouldn’t really be taken all that seriously, but they’re really fun …Laughter is what brings us together.

Whether it is the boisterous laughter of a baby being tickled or the wide grin of your dog as he greets you at the front door, these are only a few instances of smiles and laughter brightening our day.

During the lengthy trial in Miami-Dade, a lawyer for one of the Palmetto students castigated the Miami-Dade School District for not thoroughly investigating tips about Crear from his time in Michigan.

Also Friday, five Allapattah Middle School students were arrested and charged with aggravated battery for allegedly beating up a boy who told a teacher he saw a couple having “consensual” sex in a gym locker room.

It wasn’t clear Monday how police were notified of the alleged trysts.

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