Stop tomtom home updating

Buying a new unit was easier than trying to get the old -- but perfectly functional -- unit still going.

We highly recommend using a network (Ethernet) cable to make a direct connection between your computer and the internet modem.

A wireless internet connection can be used, but this can be subject to interference which can result in a slow or failed download.

Tip: There are many websites that can test the speed of your internet connection. Firewalls, routers, antivirus scanners and pop-up blockers can also interfere with a download if they are not set up correctly.

Check the settings to make sure the Tom Tom software has full access to the internet.

It was joined by a second unit for our other car, a Tom Tom 1535 Top Gear edition at the end of 2011. All was well with both units until I decided in May that I should heed the reminders that both where giving me, to update my maps. I had trouble getting either unit seen by my Mac or PC laptops.

As it turned out, the Tom Tom XL required use of Tom Tom Home software; the Tom Tom 1535 used a web-based updated.

In the end, Tom Tom finally decided that maybe there was a fault with my 920.

Since it was out of warranty, I bought a new unit at the end of 2010, a Tom Tom XL 340TM.

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