Stop tomtom home updating misadventures in dating casual dater

I was ready to purchase new maps, but as it turned out, there was no way to get them into the device. It wouldn't connect with a Windows XP computer I tried.

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Stop tomtom home updating

The bigger the file the longer it will take to download.

If the speed of your internet connection is listed as ‘Not Recommended’ for the size of the file you want to download, try a location that has a faster internet connection.

Buying a new unit was easier than trying to get the old -- but perfectly functional -- unit still going.

Update woes continue on new devices The new unit worked fine and had some nice features my older unit didn't have. But updating turned into a nightmare that I in a previous column.

Worse, the company seems not to care about known problems.

For all of you Tom Tom owners feeling lost out there, come along. Back in 2010, I tried to update my then two-year-old Tom Tom 920.

I'll share some of my pain, and you can nod in agreement. It was the second Tom Tom I'd owned, a high-end model.

It worked perfectly fine, but the maps were out-of-date.

If no test results are shown after 30 seconds, click Done to close the system information page, then open the system information page again.

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