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Advance - Devils' Line - Persona 5 the Animation - Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online - HINAMATSURI - My Hero Academia season 3 - MAJOR 2nd - Magical Girl Site - MEGALOBOX - Comic Girls - and much more!― A few years ago, I wrote a column about some of the strangest Evangelion merchandise I've encountered while working for Anime News Network.

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Michelle Liu explores what this film meant to Chinese audiences and offers to anime fans as well.

Internet spelunking isn't just a hobby for Angela Washko. The Carnegie Mellon professor, multimedia artist and independent game developer is bringing the fruits of her research into the "manosphere" to Park City."The Game: The Game" is a dating simulator that takes place over the course of one night in a bar.

It's a largely male community that often gathers in online spaces like Reddit and other forums.

PUA tactics range from the subtle and harmless, like adjusting body language, to the overt, like breaking down a target's self-esteem and denying their escape.

Valizadeh, author of a series of books on how to pickup women in various countries, gained notoriety in 2015 for a "satirical" blog post where he proposed legalizing rape.

Washko has encountered him and his worldview before on a separate project."I realized the person most opposite to my own core values was Roosh V, and so I pursued interviewing him as a way to try to understand how he ended up developing this particular perspective and strategies," Washko said.

Noblewoman Tsugumi Kuze has decided to marry in order to protect her family.

Before she is able to do so, however, her younger brother Hitaki is caught up in an incident involving books called "Maremono" (Rare Objects) that affect the reader of the tome greatly.― Anime director and Studio-Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata passed away in a Tokyo hospital on Thursday. The Japanese websites Sanspo and NTV News 24 reported the news, and both cited unnamed related parties who said that Takahata had been in declining health since last summer.

The Spring 2018 Anime Season has begun - check back daily for fresh reviews of all of this season's premieres!

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