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but we didn’t quite connect there – more like, Aaron stalked me on social media after the wedding – which turned out very well! I have wanted to share my point of view as a wife, caregiver, partner, and lover.

Aaron proposed eight months after our first date, we had a two year engagement and were married on September 26, 2015. But, I have had difficulty in narrowing down my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

I mostly remember his bright blue eyes and golden hair: he was unlike any of the brunette football players I gravitated toward.

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Such a simple task for me which I never thought about, yet watching another person struggle with the step was a bewildering moment.

I remember leaving that date, calling my girlfriend, and explaining to her that he “would change my life forever”…I did not know how, but our relationship has continued to do that.

Hands down, the two questions I was asked (and I am still asked to this day) are: ! As for the driving, Aaron has written his own article about his experience and the adaptive technology available.

Which isn’t to say that Aaron is afraid to ask for help.

Back to top Loss of muscle movement, sense of touch, and sexual reflexes often occurs after spinal cord injury (SCI).

Here are a few ways you might express your sexuality.

My heart instantly dropped as I thought It was in that moment I realized that everything I had thought was “the way it was supposed to be” would never apply to this relationship.

I had to throw away that notion and presumption, and start this relationship with fresh eyes. My friends, of course, had their questions ready as soon as they heard about the man who I was dating.

, there is no function below the "neurological" level, defined as the lowest level that has intact neurological function.

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