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The report suggests that time can be saved “by having passport controls only being undertaken by the jurisdiction being entered.” So one set of controls, not two – but a system of physical controls nonetheless.One thing the report does cover, but is highly relevant, is agriculture.

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Yes, technology can speed things up via such things as electronic customs declarations made in advance.

But there are still 14 manned customs posts between Sweden and Norway, covering all the major roads.

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Thus “smart borders” are very different from open borders. The report makes a number of proposals for the border post-Brexit.

These include: • Passport controls for people who are neither UK nor Irish citizens, and therefore not covered by the Common Travel Area provisions that allow UK and Irish citizens to travel freely between the two countries.

The Prime Minister wants small traders – implicitly, most farmers on both sides of the border – to be exempt from controls, and hence for their produce not to be inspected. But maybe it won’t: I’m not sure I would bet too many euros on Theresa May getting her way, while demanding the right to import chlorinated chickens from the US. The definition of “hard” is, perhaps, open to argument.

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