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As The Nanny, who was also Speed Dating with us again, pointed out with a giggle, ‘even nannies in London over £35k!’ To be honest, I’m not really sure I would have chosen a speed dating evening based on income if I’d known.And even meant our fourth datee friend commented ‘I’m taking my badge off now, because I don’t want these men knowing my name!

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It’s a weird event, because it implies that everyone there feels like their income is a defining part of who they are.

If I was going to a speed date to find my ‘One’, then I’d much rather go to an event full of people who play regular sport, or people who have spent a significant period of time travelling.

Or even just a room full of people who have a social life away from a computer!

A guy’s earnings have never really been a big deal, because I’m quite happy to support myself.

The epitome of my speed dating experiences to date, a rather overweight, pasty man, with thick glasses and a cold, limp, clammy handshake, spent four painfully awkward minutes alternating long periods of silence with the following three answers. ’ (I know, DUUUUULLL question, but I wasn’t really trying overly hard after the handshake! By the end of my 14 dates, my face literally ached from fake smiling.

About half way round, I stopped asking questions, and started just chatting about speed dating and online dating with the people I was dating.

One told me a particularly enchanting story of climbing Scafell Pike whilst drinking an entire bottle of wine, and then driving 150 miles straight afterwards …

(without realising he’d just inadvertently told me he drank drove 150 miles ….

So, despite less than impressive evenings with Slow Dating in Clapham, and Last Night a Speed Date Changed My Life, in Shoreditch, this week Miss 32 and I have been speed dating yet again. It was only actually after we got to the bar that we realised what the supposedly ‘elite’ element of the evening was.

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