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The bar smelled of incense, and was laid out neatly.

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) The other one spent 4 minutes winding me up that my future husband was in the room!

Becoming a cat lady was genuinely a more attractive option! I was looking forward to being able to talk to the other girls and laugh about some of the awful dates we’d all just experienced!

) there were more men than girls, so the boys would be expected to spend time at the bar in between dates.

I settled on one of the couches on the outside of the room and waited for the conveyor belt of men to begin. A very sweet man, who had just moved from Mumbai to London spent four minutes telling me just how excited he was by the London public transport system, and the fact it runs all night. He got highly confused, and thought I was talking about dating (?! Him – ‘I’m really completely out of my comfort zone here ….’ Cue supportive nods, and ‘well done you’ type sentiments from me ….

So, despite less than impressive evenings with Slow Dating in Clapham, and Last Night a Speed Date Changed My Life, in Shoreditch, this week Miss 32 and I have been speed dating yet again. It was only actually after we got to the bar that we realised what the supposedly ‘elite’ element of the evening was.

But, it was an excuse for an evening out, and Date in a Dash promised an ‘elite’ evening at SOUK in Clapham. The Mixeo phone app will track who you have got your eye on, and who doesn't quite tickle your fancy. Expect a night of quick introductions, each lasting just four minutes - long enough to decide if you want to see each person again and not too long if you don’t.The app also features a "friend" option for those who you clicked with on a non-romantic level. It’s essential that you arrive before 7.25pm in order to take part. Please arrive on time as latecomers may not be admitted.This tried and tested speed dating formula makes meeting people very easy and a lot of fun. Please note: there are Male Only and Female Only tickets.As the men arrived, we soon realised the ‘over £35k’ bracket attracted three main types of dater 1) The IT Crowd (the Speed Dating regulars) 2) W*nker Bankers (which is odd, as you’d expect them to be earning so much more than £35k, that they wouldn’t pick the event) 3) Foreigners new to London (another Speed Dating regular crowd) SOUK was a nice enough venue. The only problem with the layout of the bar meant that if you arrived early (which we was recommended), you had to sit either side of the entrance, able to see every man as he came in!

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