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Besides a pallet fork has an unordinary shape - at side-view its tail is higher than jewels. I put pics of reversed weight so you can inspect this fork.

under pivot of the weight there's a pinion of central seconds.

On the streets of Moscow the new meets the old: ancient churches are situated close to the awkward bulks of the «Stalin Gothic»; elegant mansions, built in «modern» style, are the neighbors of the Soviet skyscrapers on the New Arbat; and next to the Kremlin is the noisy and crowded main thoroughfare — the Tverskaya Street with neon advertisements of famous foreign companies and firms, private stores and restaurants.

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These watches were on production from 1961 until 1975, later the technology was passed to Minsk Watch Factory and produced there till 1979. Caliber 2200 had inserted only in gold cases, more democratic 2209 - fifty-fifty. Caliber Poljot 2415 -"Orbita"(Orbit) and 2416 - "Cosmos"(Space) with date. First one started produced from 1962, the second one - from 1963.

This one is made by Belarus Luch plant (Luch means a Ray). Pretty nice slim automatic (about 3,9 mm) with hand winding ability.

The first watch - is Sportivnyje (Sportive) produced since 1955 until 1962 at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory (1st MWF). This movement based on older Pobeda (Victory), has central seconds, Incabloc, Stop seconds feature, a Water resistive case. You can notice nice watch finishing: Cotes de Geneve pattern on bridges, polished screws, high quality engraving of letters, anglage, balance has Breguet hairspring. You can also notice high quality engraving: Cotes de Geneve, polished steel parts, some parts have anglage, balance has Breguet hairspring. Here you can see an old pocket caliber Molnija 3602. Its predecessor "Salut" produced at 2-nd Moscow watch plant based on French "Lip" R36. Slava began producing quartz watches, double barreled mechanical watches, automatics.

One more interesting point - the caseback of most Russian watches consists of two parts - a caseback as is with a tip to position it properly in the case and a special ring screwed into the case. Another one - is ladies' movement - Zvezda (Star) based on an older French "Lip" movement T18 (tonneau). Later Molnija movement had got two more jewels on escapement and central wheels.

This one is also rare caliber Rodina (Poljot),based on 2409, but with automatic winding. Having read an article by Walt Odets about Cornavin Dolphin I found on his pics that legendary Poljot 2614.

A great city, the capital of Russia, Moscow was founded in 1147 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky.

All bridges are brushed and bevelled, all screws are polished. Nice brushed bridges, Cotes de Geneve on oscillating weight, 29 jewels.

Because of small height it also have flat hairspring.

Otherwise Russia was very strong in watchmaking traditions and produced really interesting movements.

For example, Russia became producing quartz watches at the same time like other countries, in 1975 Russians had started producing LCD and LED watches.

Trinity Sergius Monastery in Zagorsk — one of the major Orthodox centers in Russia situated at the distance of 71 km from Moscow; the metro system containing 125 «stations-palaces» with unforgettable decorations.

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