Dating simulations for adults - Sober and dating

by Kate | Nov 20, 2017 | Blog I love sharing tips and advice to help keep you moving forward with your sober goals. by Kate | Oct 30, 2017 | Blog As it’s Halloween tomorrow, now seems like a good time to talk about ‘treats’.

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by Kate | Feb 19, 2018 | Blog For a long time, I was very keen on the idea of moderation. Whether it’s date night with your partner or a first date with someone new, the idea of doing that stuff sober can feel a bit intimidating to…

by Kate | Feb 5, 2018 | Blog I used to have a fridge magnet that said: “Keep Calm And Drink Wine! by Kate | Jan 29, 2018 | Blog How has your Dry January gone?

by Kate | Sep 18, 2017 | Blog This is a great time of year to stop drinking or experiment with an alcohol-free lifestyle.

The busy summer months are over, the kids have returned to school, we’re back into a regular routine and Christmas is still ages away (phew)…

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