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I guess I saw myself in Rory—someone who despite her postmodern family was pretty accomplished and well-adjusted.I’m now beyond those hyper-vulnerable teenage years and no longer at risk of becoming many of those harsh statistics.

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Single parent dating statistics

The return of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, the mother–daughter duo we all grew up with, was almost more important than the turkey this year.

As we revisit the show that, beginning in 2000, notably challenged our stereotype of single moms, I’m reminded of my own childhood.

While I know she sacrificed a lot for us, she never modeled bitterness or despair.

She was a woman without a husband who still had a life to live and children to raise—and that’s exactly what she did.

I have very close friends whose married parents were like family to me growing up.

I have grandparents on both sides who modeled decades-long marriages.

I watched my mom day in and day out tend to my sister and me, have a career, take care of our house, and have a social life.

Unlike the characterization many have of single moms, mine wasn’t out looking for men—and she definitely wasn’t bringing them into our home. She didn’t walk around cursing my father or the whole male population.

That’s exactly what many single moms out there are doing.

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