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I’d like to see different looks in their profile pictures from edgy to cute—including photos with and without makeup. Definitely no overly outlandish or promiscuous styles.

It would be cool to see some mutual friends on the app too.

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Imagine your marketing video is watched around the clock and without spending a huge amount of money, doesn’t it sound great?

Singapore can’t compare to Thailand’s online dating scene and is a huge cry from the massive variety of online dating options in the Philippines.

If I’m on the fence, I’m more likely to swipe right if her Instagram is linked so I know it’s not a catfish.

Chris, 28 If she’s decent-looking, has a decent bio, has mutual friends with me, connects her Instagram or Spotify, and has common Facebook Pages with me, I’m good. Luke, 26 While dating apps may seem like vicious platforms solely based on looks, every online match that turns into reality still goes far beyond skin deep.

Isaiah, 24 Because dating apps are mostly superficial at the core, it’s important to pick the right photos.

It doesn’t really matter how good looking you are, there should be a decent photo of yourself and not just a “passable selfie”. Choosing a presentable photo of yourself instantly makes your dating game stronger because it shows #effort. She must be someone that I want to meet and interact with, and someone whom I can see myself falling for. Fernando, 26 A nice smile and a genuine bio would convince me.Mandon, 22 Her profile should just have a pop culture reference and an Instagram link.Strictly no hashtags such as #blessed or #myhappypill.I want a girl with black ripped jeans, black high-cut Dr.Martens, a cropped band tee (preferably Metallica), a string choker, high cheekbones, strong brow game, artsy micro bangs, long-winged eyeliner and mascara, and piercings on her ear lobe, helix and anti-tragus.Zonsean, 22 Even if you’re not my type, I’ll definitely swipe right on you if you have a funny bio.

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