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With it, you know you'll need maybe three or four maps, a party, a princess in distress and a few monsters to fight.

Then you can make silly dialogue or odd weapons and the like.

A Windows version was released on May 29, 1998, in Japan only.

Shortly after the first release, there was a console version released on September 17, 1998 for the Sega Saturn and Sony Play Station in Japan only by ASCII.

Then I try to learn Illustrator quickly and the results?

And making the sprite , if you want to project it all by yourself.

It comes with a run-time package (RTP) with built-in graphics for animations.

Custom graphics can be added, but this is more difficult than in other programs from the RPG Maker series.

Simulation RPG Maker 95 was released a year after RPG Maker 95 and allowed the user to create tactical games similar to the Fire Emblem series.

While Sim RPG Maker 95 retained the user friendly layout and design of RPG Maker 95 it required a basic understanding of the program to properly use.

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