Silver fox dating

Get yourself out the door and go trap yourself a silver fox because the man with grey hair is going to be a fabulous boyfriend.

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He’s a grown up and you deserve to be with a mature adult.

There’s just something about a silver fox that makes a woman think he’d be a good dad.

A silver fox is a master of sex, and we are not going to complain about that.

He’s a classic, and his grey hair intensifies that. Like a Burberry watch, your silver fox will never go out of style.

It might be the ripened look or it could be he reminds us of our own dads.

Either way, you’ll want to procreate with the guy who's rocking the grey look. The worldly sexiness gives off a vibe screaming of sophistication.

I like that idea.” ― Donna Mc Donald, “I can’t even imagine how hard it is to spend time with a stranger after being married all your life.

Kevin was sick a long time, but not having him at all now is much worse than I thought it would be.

His greying hair reflects his bountiful experience.

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