how to prove carbon dating wrong - Silver fox dating

He’s a grown up and you deserve to be with a mature adult.

There’s just something about a silver fox that makes a woman think he’d be a good dad.

The silver fox takes on the likeness of a young Bill Clinton -- He won’t leave you unexpectedly to travel the world and find himself because he already knows who he is. You get to see if he’s going to be a DILF — pretty important information to have.

A grey-haired man in a suit is one of the sexiest things you can behold.

He embraces his silver hair the way he embraces life.

If you try to tell me there isn’t something sexy AF about being the Commander-in-Chief of the United States, you're a f*cking liar. A great thing about a guy who starts greying early is you get a unique window into the future.

Get yourself out the door and go trap yourself a silver fox because the man with grey hair is going to be a fabulous boyfriend.

Here are 22 perfectly logical reasons you should date a man with grey hair: He has the look of a mature, seasoned man without actually being old. He doesn’t act petty or petulant like some of the other guys you’re used to dating.

As I said before, he looks like a goddamn president!

Dos Equis was spot on with its selection of a dapper silver fox to represent "The Most Interesting Man In The World." Grey hair and a well-tailored suit just scream interesting.

A silver fox is a master of sex, and we are not going to complain about that.

He’s a classic, and his grey hair intensifies that. Like a Burberry watch, your silver fox will never go out of style.

Women shouldn’t look at grey hair as a flaw, but as a bonus.

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