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She told me how he would often lock her in the apartment to keep her services exclusively for himself.

When I first met her, she talked about her son back home and how she had sent money to buy him his first computer.

Her English was good, so I asked her why she didn't find a job as a salesperson in one of the many shopping malls in Dubai.

She said she could earn more in one night as a prostitute than working a whole month in sales.

Men outnumber women 3 to 1 in Dubai, and the variety of places to purchase sex is abundant -- from the brothels where Vika described being sold and resold and the back alleys where migrant workers pay for a few minutes of pleasure, to the mainstream Westernized nightclubs, often inside upscale hotels, where women from all over the world congregate according to their nationalities awaiting the next client.

In a Muslim country, where prostitution is illegal, we decided the only way to get a closer look at Dubai's barely disguised sex trade was to visit some of these clubs and capture for ourselves the city's night secrets.

Emerging as a world business hub in the last decade, the city strives to keep breaking new records: the world's tallest building, the world's first seven star hotel, the world's biggest shopping mall, the world's largest manmade port.

Dubai has been described as the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

Sasha, for example, was trafficked from Siberia and serviced clients against her will.

But then she managed to run away from her madam and decided to continue to work as a prostitute on her own.

When I arrived to report this story with my video camerawoman Sachi Cunningham, I was prepared to confront the human degradation of Vika's experience, but I was surprised to find something else.

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